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Transform your artwork into stunning masterpieces with our Premium polished acrylic. The combination of super-vivid printing, professional-quality materials, and the depth and details of your photo creates an astonishing effect

acrylic printing resolution
acrylic prints mounting options
acrylic printing custom size

Brilliant, luminous colors and fascinating depth.

Seeing your photo on an Acrylic Print creates a truly magical effect

Create your very own masterpiece and transform your photos and artwork into stunning wall art. Pictorem uses Premium polished, best-in-class, 99.9% optically pure acrylic and the latest Flatbed printing craftmanship.

We can produce the exact print size you want, ranging from 8x8 up to 96x60


If you want to bring a contemporary look, to your home, your office or any other space you want to "dress up", this is the choice for you ,and this video will guide you through all the different options available.:

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Ordering options


or custom size:

Get my image size & resolution
1/8 inch acrylic
3/16 inch acrylic
Border Option
No border - print to the edge
2 inch transparent border

Mounting options
4 stand off metal pieces Custom Acrylic Size
Back Mount Frame Acrylic Printing
Decorative Moulding Acrylic Printing
No mounting (acrylic only)
Square corner - Right Angle
Rounded corners 1/4 inch radius
Circular Print

Acrylic Print 24 x 16 inches - 1/8 thick - Back mount frame


Price:   $169    $102

 Ready to hang
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Each order gets a Professional Art Review
Our professional in-house designers review all orders to ensure each one is printed to perfection.


Mounting options

Back Float Mount
Floating frame on the back. Invisible when hanged and will give the impression that your art is floating away from your wall.
Installation instructions
Metal Stand off
4 Premium polished Aluminum Stand off Posts on each corner
Installation instructions
Decorative Floating Frame (Box)
Option Available during checkout: Select Back Float Mount and select the decorative frame on the shopping cart page
Decorating Moulding
Ready to hang with a large selection of decorative frame
No Mount
We will provide the printed acrylic sheet only


1/8" - Light & Economical

The 1/8" acrylic is a slim & economical thickness to print. Also lighter than 3/16, so easier to install. Quality of print is not affected by the acrylic thickness. Your Acrylic print 1/8" with back float frame will not bend regardless of the size, since the back frame is supporting the acrylic on almost the entire area.

3/16" - Greater optical depth

This 3/16" thickness provides a greater optical depth. And if you select the "Stand off" Mounting method with a print size over 40 inches long, the acrylic might bend between the "stand off" and we might suggest you to switch to a stronger 3/16" acrylic, also providing a greater optical depth.


90 degree corner  Popular
right angle (default configuration)
Rounded corner
Acrylic with Rounded corner 1/4 inch radius
Circular print
Round Print
Special shape
Surf    Snow    Skate    Guitar

Please contact us for special cut request.

Advanced Printing options

Full color Print & opacity  Popular
Full print to the edge with no tranparency
Selective Transparency area
Provide us a PNG or Photoshop file and we will print the visible layers ( Ideal for Logo print). This option is not available with back float frame mount.
Backlit effect
Perfect if you want to create your own light box. We only suggest this option if you plan to always back light your acrylic or it will look dull without any light from behind.
Frost effect
Great for transparency effect. ( ex: Church Mosaic ) . On windows or Office separator


Each print starts with an optically pure acrylic material. We selected the best professional grade crystal clear acrylic.

More optically pure and lighter weight than glass, it is Impact resistant making it easy to work with.

We are using State Of The Art Flatbed printers 2024, providing high-density color printing functions making prints even brighter and more intense.


Both Acrylic and HD Metal print will provide a very similar high reflection glass effect with vivid colors and come with the same exact mounting options. In some conditions it will be hard to differenciate them! The HD Metal Print will be able to render slightly richer black, brighter white and more saturated colors. This is an advantage if you want to generate a high impact colorful and contrasted result. Max size is 60x40 The Acrylic print will provide very precise and sharp details, and the thickness of the acrylic (1/8 or 3/16 inches) will provide a nice optical depth. And you can reach larger print size up to 96x60. If your image doesn't require to reach extreme color gamut and very high contrast, you will be very fine with acrylic print that still provide very vivid result with a smaller budget.

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For the most vibrant impact, our acrylic prints comes with a glossy finished and has glare. Based on customer feedback, the test we have done on non-glare acrylic support didn't render justice to most images due to a lack of color gammut and rendering. We suggest to look for our White Metal Print! It will absorb light and will have no glare and provide a very detailed print and same mounting options as acrylic. ( Go to Formats & Price -> Metal -> White Metal Print - Smooth White )

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Yes our Acrylic print is waterproof, we are using UV cured ink technology and this process is water resistant. The only thing you have to note is that the Back Frame mounting option is based on wood and is not guaranteed to last long on a humid environment, we would suggest to use metal pieces stand off as a mounting option or the acrylic sheet only.

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If you select the floating frame mounting, we will simply add black ink on the back of the acrylic to protect the print. There is no extra layers or Sintra. The result will be clean and elegant.

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Yes, if you are using a screw with a head or any wall hanging mounting, the back frame system will make your print perfectly parallel to the wall with no leaning. If you see a slight lean forward from the top on some of our example pictures, it's due to the special exhibition hanging system using wire from the top of the wall in our office

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For Acrylic print the Max size is 96 inches by 60 inches.

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If you want to measure where to drill, the standoff is 1 inch from the border, and the standoff size approx. 3/4 inch.

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Pictorem is using UV Printing technique on Digital Grade Acrylic with superior fade resistance for museum quality printing.

Print Technology & Process

Printed by UV Cured ink and 6 print heads with 3 staggered configuration at 1200dpi configuration. 2 units of unique highly-accurate linear scales controlled by IMS have been equipped, for fine step accuracy and dot placement. This results in far less banding artifacts and even the possibility to print legible 2 pt characters. * Characters may be illegible depending on the media. (IMS = Intelligent Microstepping System) Pictorem implements printing with generating passes, using a gradational mask pattern, the UV curing is performed more gradually and it diminishes the appearance of bandings.

Printing Resolution

Pictorem prints at 1200 x 1200 optimized dpi Variable drops function provides 3 different drop sizes at once. The minimum size is amazingly 4 pico-litter drop and produces smooth and natural gradation


UV Ink The color components of the ink are directly cured and adhered to the media or substrate by UV radiation, and the ink emits very low levels of VOC (volatile organic carbon).
The LED (light-emitting diode) light does not radiate short wavelengths that generate ozone. Use of Mimaki UV-curable ink demonstrates consciousness about the environment and the health of users.

Media Used

Printed on Opticaly pure Digital Grade Acrylic sheet ( 1/8 to 3/16 thick ) Superior Clarity - Being a crystal clear sheet, it maximizes visual impact. igital print's shows the superior adhesion properties optimal ink adhesion to that of standard acrylic after being cross hatched. This provides additional durability in handling, shipping, and installation.

Min & Max Dimension

8" x8" to 96"x60"

Environment Usage

low-VOC ink and ozone-free LED–UV light

Use, Care & maintenance

Always use a very soft microfiber or damp cloth.
Does not require a special cleaner and any non-ammonia cleaner such as Windex can be used

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Mark ArvinUSA
My first order today for 3 gallery wrapped canvases. Will add a review on the product when I receive but I couldn't be happier with the order process. THe website is extremely easy to navigate, walks you through all the options and the entire process. I had a few questions and needed some support and Fabian was prompt, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to deal with. 
Jim KosUSA
I ordered 2 pieces which arrived promptly with no issues. great quality at a good price. Thanks! 
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