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Easy, on-demand, online fine art printing, fulfillment and shipping
No minimums. No inventory. Private Label
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No minimum

Anyone can apply for a PRO account and start using our service!
We do not have business size restriction, Pictorem is serving many independant artists & photographers from home, small businesses and large corporations. There is no monthly minimum order required.

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No monthly fees

No setup fees, no monthly fees.

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Special Rates

Get an automatic extra rebate of 15% from the lowest pricing displayed online.

Based on the number of accumulated orders with us, we will gradually increase your rebate from 15%, to 17%, 20% ...

The rebate will be applied during the checkout process after you log-in.
Pricing & promotions you currently see displayed on pictorem.com will be always available in the future for PRO users

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Free shipping

All our pricing includes Free shipping to Continental USA and Canada.

Since we ship from either our USA or Canada location, your customer will never have to pay for customs or duties due to product import process.

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Shipping locations

We do ship all our products to contiental USA and Canada, free of customs taxes and duties

For Worldwide locations, We only ship in tubes so we limit our shipment to rolled canvas & poster prints.

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We guarantee our products free of defect and in great shape, from Printing to final delivery, we want to offer the best possible experience to your customer. If there is a damage, we will reprint and re-ship for you.

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Private Label

You can upload your logo on your account. It will be displayed on the back of stretched canvas, on packing slip and packages
(Free Service)

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Amazing variety of products

Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Mural, Chromaluxe Sublimation, custom frames

We provide a great choice of products so you can create a unique offer to your customers

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Excellent support

From order processing, last minute changes, customer followup, we will always provide you the best possible support so you can offer the same for your customers


Sell art online

For a larger amount of orders:
You can send us by email a CSV, TXT or EXCEL file of your daily orders.


If you plan to place more than one order or you want to use Pictorem for your business or artistic activities, you can open a PRO account.
The PRO account is free, there are no membership entry fees or monthly costs.
The PRO account will give you access to discount from the public pricing on the website and allow you to do blind ship ( Dropship ) and customize your shipment

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Once you have signed in for the PRO Account the drop ship service is automatically enabled. All orders going to a different address than your billing address will be set as a Drop ship? (No invoice, no mention of Pictorem, your logo).

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The PRO Account will give you access to an additional rebate from the price displayed on the website and allows you to do Dropship / private label shipment. You can upload your logo ( to be displayed on packing slip, back of canvases, and on your packaging.

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If you have a PRO account and have your logo uploaded into your account, all orders going to a different address than your billing address will be setup as a Dropship. ( no invoice, no mention of Pictorem, your logo )

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We do have different ordering options. We initially suggest to place your first orders on our website to get familiar with the process. Once you accumulated a few orders and if want to automate the process, you can simply contact us to setup an automatic export of your orders ( by text, csv, excel or xml ) that we can grab and process automatically.

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Yes, we have recently launched our Shopify integration. However, its still in the early stages we are currently working hard to improve the interface. You can access to it directly from your Shopify Account. You just need to add us to your store as an app.

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We guarantee that your customer will receive a product free of any production defect or product damage, this include shipping and defect in the printing. We will exchange it or ship a new one. For factors that we don’t control, such as incorrect texts or misspellings, or quality of the image provided, you are responsible for it. Pictorem will always find some way to help you .

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You can find the most up to date information on the production lead time of all products on this page

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The majority of our business is with helping artists and companies to resale prints. We do not have a price list to download and all the pricing is available on our site. This page https://www.pictorem.com/order.html ( click on formats & pricing ) If your business is to make print 1 or a few prints ship to you or customer address at a time ), By creating a PRO account you will start by getting a 15% Discount on every order. Keep in mind our pricing Includes ground shipping in North America! And this is on Top of the current promotion on the site that will never expire for you. This rebate will increase based on the number of accumulated order. If you have a bulk order to place, with many prints to be produced and shipped at the same time. Please contact us and we will provide you a special quote. For more information, please go to Pricing info

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The initial rebate for reseller is a 15% discount from the public price. This is an additional rebate on top of the lowest price you see online.

You can place the order on the site and during checkout process the rebate is applied.
Based on the number of accumulated orders, we will increase this rebate.

We might increase this rebate percentage based on the number of orders. Make sure to contact us if you plan to do multiple prints for a specific project, exhibition or any quantities done at the same time and going to one location. We could provide you a quote. For more information, please go to Pricing info

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We did create a comprehensive kit of all our printing medium. It will provide you a good overview of our material and our print quality. You can order it here: https://www.pictorem.com/samplekit.html If you are working on a large print project and not sure about the result, we encourage you to order a small format first. You can also contact our team prior to ordering a sample as we can put a note to arrange to refund you the sample on the purchase of the larger print.

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