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In today's fast-paced business world, creating a vibrant and stimulating work environment is crucial to driving productivity and fostering a positive company culture. One innovative way to achieve this is by harnessing the power of custom wall prints. They leave a lasting impression on both the employees who see it day after day, and future clients that may visit. Whether it's a corporate office, a small business, or a home office, here at Pictorem, we understand the transformative impact they can have on your workplace.

Here are the top advantages of incorporating custom wall prints into your office space:

Beautify a space

Blank walls can be uninspiring and dull, but appealing custom wall prints have the ability to breathe life into any space. Employees feel motivated and proud when working in a beautiful environment. Since work is sometimes the place where some of them may spend most of their time during the day, an aesthetic workplace enhances their experience by creating an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere. In addition, custom art prints offer flexibility and versatility. You can choose the image, size, frame, and material that best fits your space and budget. Whether you want a large statement piece or a series of smaller prints, Pictorem can help you achieve the look and feel you desire.


Create a memorable impression for customers 

First impressions matter, and a beautifully decorated workspace leaves a lasting impact on clients, partners, and visitors. Custom wall prints showcase your attention to detail and dedication to creating a professional and welcoming environment. They add a touch of sophistication and elegance, elevating your brand's image and creating an ambiance that instills confidence and credibility for anyone who steps into your space. Showcasing your commitment to excellence through artistry reflects positively on your brand's reputation. Impactful images on walls also create visual landmarks that connect us with our environment and help us memorize how to navigate and interact within our surroundings, fostering a sense of familiarity and ease in our daily work routines. 


Boost your team’s productivity

Beauty has the power to ignite inspiration and fuel productivity. By adorning your walls with visually stunning art, you create an environment that stimulates creativity and encourages innovative thinking among your team. Inspirational images can spark new ideas, help overcome creative blocks, and promote outside-the-box problem-solving. Artwork featuring motivational quotes, uplifting imagery, or success stories can inspire employees to reach their full potential and maintain a positive mindset. When employees feel happy and engaged, they are more likely to approach their tasks with energy and focus, resulting in improved productivity.


Improve employees’ well-being

A well-designed workspace can have a positive impact on employees' health. Custom wall prints may introduce elements of nature, soothing colors, or captivating imagery that promotes relaxation,  reduce stress, lower anxiety, and calms emotions. A tranquil atmosphere provides a visual escape from work-related pressures. Engaging artwork can serve as a visual focal point, helping employees practice mindfulness by taking short mental breaks from their tasks. This promotes a sense of balance, reduces burnout, and improves focus and productivity. By creating a serene environment, you contribute to a healthier and more balanced workplace for your colleagues.


Boost colleagues' morale and engagement

Aesthetically pleasing surroundings have a profound influence on employees' morale and engagement levels. When you adorn your office walls with custom prints that align with your team's values, you create an environment that goes beyond mere decoration. It becomes a space that speaks to their aspirations, beliefs, and interests. Each carefully chosen image becomes a visual representation of shared values and a reminder of the collective meaning and purpose. This sense of pride and emotional connection cultivates a stronger sense of loyalty towards the organization, as employees feel valued and understood. They are more likely to stay committed and dedicated, fostering a positive and harmonious work environment that breeds success.


Reveal your brand’s culture

Your office space serves as an extension of your brand's image and identity. Custom wall prints offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your company's values, goals, and mission visually. From showcasing your company's history to highlighting key achievements or displaying inspiring quotes, personalized prints allow you to communicate your company's unique success story and create a lasting impression on clients, partners, and visitors. The strategic placement of custom wall prints in key areas of your office, such as reception areas or conference rooms, ensures that they become focal points for visitors and clients. Pictorem can help you personalize your print to reflect the company’s culture and add a touch of authenticity and character to your space.


Stimulate communication

In the workplace, the power of visual communication is undeniable. Images have the ability to convey messages more quickly and effectively than words alone. As the saying goes, "An image is worth a thousand words." This is where custom wall art comes into play, serving as a captivating conversation starter that sparks interactions and cultivates a sense of connection among employees. Engaging in discussions about the visuals displayed on the walls encourages socialization, breaking down barriers, and promoting a collaborative atmosphere. The act of sharing interpretations, opinions, and emotions evoked by the art fosters a deeper understanding of one another and creates a sense of community within the workplace.


All the benefits mentioned above are interconnected and can overall be a valuable investment for any workplace. With its versatility and customization options, custom wall art is an excellent way to personalize a workspace and create a positive and inspiring environment. So why settle for a bland and uninspiring workplace? Do the walls in your workspace really reflect the values and energy of your job environment? Pictorem can help elevate your decor and transform your space into a stylish and inspiring place to work for your employees and visiting customers. Start customizing your workplace right now and unlock its full potential to reap the benefits!


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How to transform your image into a mural print.

This article is to help you understand how to transform your image into a mural print.

Yes, we're talking about huge prints  that will cover your entire wall for an immersive experience ! 

We are going to talk to you about all the options you'll have, the requirements  and installation, of course process.

There's no actual limit to the size that you can have your print

Since your peel and stick wall mural will be arriving in sections, you can get any amount of strips that you need to make for a very easy installation

To get things started, if you want a sharp image, you will preferably need a high resolution image.

Nowadays, most digital cameras can provide 5000 to 8000 pixels in a single shot

One good trick is called image stitching which is a process of combining multiple shots with overlapping fields to produce one massive panoramic image!

Of course, this is all based on how sharp you actually need your image and how close you're going to be from your print

Images for mural prints are processed at 150 dpi which means we'll most likely upscale your  image

Let's say, for a 10ft wall, you'll need at least 8000 pixels wide to get some sharp details

With new 40 megapixel+ cameras, this is easily achievable

If you need help figuring out if your image is large enough for a mural print,

look into our DPI calculator and our image size analyzer on our website.



All this being said, keep in mind that, in most cases, you'll be looking at your mural from at least 3 or 4 feet away from your wall so don't be too worried if your resolution is not quite on the mark

We take pride in offering the best possible results for your image.

To make that happen, we don't make any compromises in our hardware, our material and, most importantly, our customer service.

Every single order is important to us and we take the time to review every single image that comes in

So if we notice any needed fine tuning or optimization, you can have peace of mind that we'll always keep you in the loop

We use state-of-the-art 10-color printers which provides the best printing resolution and color range for mural prints and we are very proud to offer the most vibrant color reproduction in the industry.  

As for the material, we use a sturdy, repositionable peel-and-stick vinyl

It has a subtle, matte, linen texture to it which helps absorb light and cover any imperfections on your wall, it's extremely easy to install and it's very forgiving


If you have a long wall, we suggest that you start from the center which will ensure the straightest installation

Peel and stick wall mural can be installed on a wide variety of smooth surfaces such

as gypsum boards, wood, glass, metal and some plastic panels.

The surface has to be clean, smooth, dry, and free of moisture

Peel down about 6" from the top of your Panel.

To minimize any deformation, apply the wall mural with minimal tension

and remove the protective paper about a foot and make sure not to remove too much at one time

Smooth out the wall mural by using the plastic scraper (which we will be provided with your order) starting from the center and working your way towards the edges of the panel

As I mentioned earlier, the peel and stick wall mural is very forgiving

So if you made a mistake, went a bit crooked or see an air bubble you can peel the mural back at reapply it with ease

And don't forget to apply a good pressure to insure adherence, especially towards the edges of each panel

Mural prints arrive in 50" inch sections, and each section has a half an inch with a guideline to help you with your installation

Once all the panels are installed you can cut off  the excess with a utility knife.

With our imaging processing service, our state of the art printing equipment and easy to install wall vinyl, we are convinced we will be able to provide the best impact for your project. 

Get Creative with your next Acrylic print

This article is all about acrylics prints.

If you want to bring a contemporary look, to your home, your office or any other space you want to "dress up",  this is the choice for you ,and we are going to guide you through all the different options available.

We print on the back of an optically pure acrylic sheet using the latest flatbed printer and we print right up to the edges of the acrylic, to provide a very neat finish.


First up - Size. We can print any custom size you want - ranging from a small 8x8 all the way up to a majestic 96x48.  So if you want a large panoramic picture, or to even create a multi panel print, the only limit is your imagination.

Mounting options

We also offer different mounting options.

The most popular configuration is a back mount frame. We have a black layer at the back of the acrylic print and this option will give your print a frame with a wire, so it's ready for easy hanging. It will also give the impression that your acrylic is floating slightly away from the wall.

You can also display your acrylic print with Aluminum Stand offs. It will be at the same distance from the wall, about 3/4 of an inch.  They are installed on each corner, so be sure to double check that we don't cut off any signature or crucial visual elements on your image. If you have a large acrylic, we suggest that you install more than 4 stand offs for a maximum distance between each stand off of about 40 inches. This will prevent your acrylic from bending.


We offer 2 different thicknesses. You have the choice between 1/8" inch and 3/16".  

The 1/8 is already a great choice. It's very light and will remain flat if you are using a back mount frame.

The 3/16 thickness is a good option if you want to provide a greater optical depth, or when you have a large print to prevent the acrylic from bending between the stand offs, but it does add more weight.


You can really explore your creativity with transparency.   We can print on specific areas only, and you can even go with a multi layer effect.  If you want to print your logo, or any other background-free visual, it's simple. Just provide us with a PNG or Photoshop file with a transparent area.  

You can create very interesting lighting effects with partial transparency like this "frost" effect. We will partially print the white layer so only the colors are fully printed.This looks absolutely stunning in natural light.

And if you want to use the acrylic on a lightbox with LEDs on the back, we can make a (backlit)  print . All these printing options are available on our website.


We can also cut the acrylic any way you want.  For example we can create rounded corners.

... or even  a circular print. Again, these options are all available on our website.


Choosing the right type of Canvas for your art.

Let's talk about the different type finishes that you can choose for your canvas prints!

The choice of your finish will have a big impact in the overall result and effect that you’re going for, so choosing the right one is an important first step!


This canvas has a weight of 410 grams per meter. It’s a pure white, polyester cotton blend. It’s very strong, durable and natural feel to it.

The matte finish of this canvas provides a fine art look that works extremely well for photography, abstract paintings and everything else in between. It is a great all around canvas!


The matte varnish canvas is also called “satin canvas” because of the subtle shine that runs through it.

The matte varnish finish adds an extra layer of protection to resist scratches and fingerprints so if your reproducing an image that has lots of black in it, this product is and ideal choice and one that you might want to consider!


On top of adding an extra layer of protection, colors will come out more vibrant so you can expect richer blacks and very vivid colors with this finish! Depending on the lighting, you can really see the texture of the canvas which can give an awesome complimentary effect to your artwork. Great choice if you want your colors to pop with an extra glossy look!

Semi-gloss canvas adds an extra layer of protection and the colors will appear more vibrant, so you can expect richer blacks and very vivid colors with this finish!

Depending on the lighting, you can really see the texture of the canvas which can give an awesome complimentary effect to your artwork. It is an exceptional choice if you want your colors to pop with an extra glossy look!


Silver canvas comes with a silver color base coat embedded into it. This means that all the white that you would normally see on a regular canvas will become silver, and all the other colors will come out looking metallic. We’ve seen some amazing photography and illustrations printed on this material that are simply mind-blowing!


We call this canvas option the knife varnish process. With this technique, we can mimic or create paint strokes to give a more authentic look to a painting or simply add an extra textured look to a photograph.


This process is the "showstopper". The epoxy coating will give your print a very luxurious, ultra high gloss finish.

This is the showstopper! The epoxy coating will give your print a very luxurious, ultra high-gloss finish.

This finish adds extra weight to the canvas so to make sure that the canvas doesn't buckle when adding the resin coat, we attach a masonite board behind the canvas. A canvas print with an epoxy coating requires more time and effort to produce, however, the results are totally worth it!